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Larson Guitar was started in 1998 when friend and recording artist Nathan Clark George moved to Lemmon, SD.  Nathan brought with him a van load of broken instruments.  He and Todd soon started "fixing" them the best they knew at the time.  Although they had a limited knowledge in the art of luthiery, most of the repairs turned out pretty well.  This sparked an interest in Todd and he began to read every book that he could get his hands on pertaining to the subject of guitar building and repair.
Over the next couple of years Todd continued to hone his guitar repair skills on Nathan's broken instruments.  Word got out and he began to do setups and repairs for local musicians.  The small set of tools that he started out with began to grow into a well-equipped shop. 
The building career started with building kit guitars.  Although the first one had minor finish flaws, it sounded great.  Nathan used it in recording one of his albums.
Since then, Todd has sold a few acoustic as well as electric guitars and has done countless repairs and setups on many types of stringed instruments.  Recently he has been toying with the idea of building tube amplifiers.  More to come on that subject later.
That brings us to the present.  Todd continues his repairs and building Dreadnoughts for customers while he and Nathan have designed two new models that should be available soon.
Feel free to contact us for estimates, ideas, answers to your guitar questions or just to chat.
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Larson Guitar has no connection with and is not related to the famous Larson Brothers Guitars of Chicago IL.